Useful Link's

Supercozi's Myspace page
Zen Lemonade Myspace page
Hypo=espresso Myspace page
Cozi's own label
Gus Till web site
Japanese techno culture information portal
International trance culture / Mushroom magazine,s web site
Huge infomartion potal of trance culture
Japanese Trance culture free magazine
Greeke electronika label
Trance label in UK. They rel. Zen Lemonade 1st album "Lemon soul"

Pioneer electronika label in Melbourne (Australia).

Ambient/Chill/Down tempo label in Melbourne (Australia). Sub label of Psy-harmonics.
DJ Tsuyoshi’s Electronika label in japan. Cocopa stuff were rel. from here.
Ambient/chill/Down tempo label in Canada .
Ectronika label in Denmark. "Supercozy" was released from here in 1999.
One of the best Japanese party organizer/label
One of the best Japanese party organizer/label
Distributer/party organizer/label in japan
Party organizer in melbourne/sydney , Australia
Total magic . once a year in black rock desert , USA
Wicked music shop in athen
Party organizer in London
Book publisher in Japan