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Supercozi and Gus Till's unit Zen Lemonade will play live performance at Rainbow Serpent festival 2009 ( 23th January 2009- 26th Victoria / Australia) .

As many of you may know, Rainbow Serpent is the one of the most respected, long years run , big fun, musically & crowd- diverse , echo- innovative , yummy food filled, life style festival in the globe .

Their performance will be at Chill Out stage as they will play mainly from their up coming album " Babylondon " which experimental fusion of Dub, Breaks, 70's psychedelic rock and ambient . Still, Their live would be the thrilling showcase of the future down tempo electronic music that combine the organic grooves and the most cutting edge technologies . Exact date and time of performance is still unknown.

more information : http://rainbowserpent.net


Hypo=espresso Record had completed soundtrack for a stunning documentary film about Balinese culture called " Echoes of Bali " and there were 2 premieres in the end of October . The first one was at Tony Raka gallery in Ubud on 25th as a part of BALINALE international film festival 2008 , and next day ( 26th oct) was at Four Seasons Resort jimbaran for media also artists who were involved into this project .

Sponsored by Four Seasons Resort Bali , this 40-minute omnibus film has 6 sections which is :
Kite ( Balinese loves and has amazing skill to make giant kite that looks like bird, butterfly , eagles, etc etc ..) , Paint ( Young painter Ida Bagus Indra whom also is a high priest , and his wife Ayu Ari ... Ayu is an accomplished traditional dancer and he capture her energy with his brush within 18 minutes or so during her dancing .. it's like a chaneling painting!! ) , dance , Masks-transformation ( ancient mask dance master I made Bandem talks it's mysterious depth) , Jegog ( giant bamboo gamelan orchestra that you can only see at a small village in northwest Bali and master I ketut Suwentra guide us to it's charm ) and Mario ( He was a legendary male dancer .. 1897-1968 ) .

British director Nigel Simmonds and Dutch photography director Peter Mariouw Smit captured amazing beauty in every section and created deep and flow atmosphere ..Opening scene with many kites in a sky is almost remind us a fantastic impressionist's painting . And Gus Till newly composed original score for this section . The combination of his music and visual is just stunning.

Nigel picked up some songs from Hypo's chill out compilation " Chillpresso 1 ~ dari bali " . Zen Lemonade's " Catalyzer " for Paint section, Ionizer's " I need sunshine " for Dance section. Also " Bamboobient " from Cozi's 2005 released solo album " Luxury Addict " is used in Masks-transformation section and successfully creating mysterious atmosphere . Also System7 and Zen Lemonade's " Chilldome Refugees " is featured as ending theme song . The combination of this song and rare black and white film footage from 1930-40's Bali will leave beautiful " Echoes " of Bali to the audience.

Here, introduction words from booklet .

" Echoes of Bali is a 40-minute documentary that offers a rare glimpse into the lives of a select group of the island's leading players in the world of art , dance and music. Set to an original score and filmed and edited to bring out the best in a subject that is both wide ranging and personal , Echoes makes a universal statement about life experienced in the world's most spiritual culture through a series of compelling cinematographic vignettes. "

You can buy this DVD at Four Seasons Resort Bali . Please check it out if you have a occasion to visit Bali .


Letter from Cozi - INDIA TOUR India tour was great. 4 gigs in 10 days in the end of sep-oct.

I played in Mumbai ( Aurus) , Bangalore ( Olive Beach) , Delhi ( LOVE HOTEL @AI) , each gig was success and big fun!!

Thank you for those people who shared the vibe with me. You are rocks.
Also what was impressed me in there were, I met so many professional ladies whom do great job in party scene in India. In Bangalore , I met VJ team called " Burnt toast and Jam " , mixed team of male and female visual creators and was so cool. In japan, female VJ is pretty common and me myself was also a VJ before I started DJIng , so it was nice surprise to see those creative females in India , and made me proud to collaborate with them :-)))

In Delhi, TIME OUT magazine Delhi was featured my interview, so I will up date it some stage


Cozi newly made 6 remix piece of top hit 80's songs for Nigeria-Milan based fashion label MOMO for their new correction in London . The Show was took place on 16th October. Cozi's Hypo=espresso Records and Momo's collaboration was started in 2007 when Hypo=espresso produced a compilation " MOMO Lounge Volume .1 " for the brand . This time Cozi remixed 80's iconic flavor into the swanky lounge-techno grooves .


Cozi and Gus Till's Electronika Unit Zen Lemonade's new album is finally mastered and now awaiting pressing. They've spent almost 2 years completing this album, It's also their long awaited second album since " Lemon Soul", released on the UK's legend Dragonfly Records in 2002 .

The album is not typical 4/4 dance , but a unique blend of Dub, Techno, 70's psychedelic Rock, Breaks ,Ambient and more - the kind that only Zen Lemonade can cook-up . There's plenty of exotic balinese flavor such as Gamelans, also Zen Lemonade's recent tour member / Guitarist Tim Valkenburg's deep yet sensual guitar creating mysterious and psychedelic vibes ( Tim is also in charge for final mixing and mastering ).

It also features some stunning guitar by the legendary Steve Hillage ( System7, Gong) on 2 songs . The combination of Zen's sound and Steve's trade mark sound - that flies and across space and time - is absolutely unique ...

This album embodies the spirit of explorers seeking new horizons in electronic music after the psy-era , radiating prism like messages for anyone who was baptized by the psy-trance movement , and it's a magnificent experimental album for not only chill out / techno fan but all music lovers .

This album should not be missed!!
Album will be released from Greeke label Electronic Soundscapes ( www.electronicsoundscapes.com ) later this year.

Zen Lemonade Live at Moscow (7th March) & Athens / Greece (19th April )

Zen Lemonade flew in snowy Moscow on the day of national holiday " Woman's day " and performed trance live set / and DJ sets at Gaza Galary for 1600 funky moscow crowd .

At Athens , The event was a parts of Juno Reactor's new album release world tour . They played just before Juno , which in front of packed 2600 crowd . ZL + Guitarist Tim Valkenburg played ZL's up-coming album's tracks with amazing visual surrounding ( It was projected to behind of stage, left & right & back wall of the venue +ceiling ..total 5 walls !! ) them & crowd ... It was truly " Traveling without moving " experience night.


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