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Following the success of the  'Chillpresso 1 ~ Dari Bali ~ ' , Hypo=espresso Records delivers the second title of it's popular 'Chillpresso' series .
11 brand new chill-out tracks from the Hypo producers , featuring guest vocalists such as Bali's very own Gusti Santika and Marlyn, dutch house diva Lex Empress (also featured on the Chillpresso 1 opening track " Waltz On The Dusk Sand ") , Ibiza-based trance diva Michele Adamson, hailing from San Fran, new- comer MC Reason and also Bali based Japanese jazz saxophonist Chika Asamoto and a host of local talent .

The album's journey starts with Zen Lemonade's " Dream Of Satpam " , featuring guest vocal Gusti Santika's traditional Balinese singing style. Gusti is a professional temple/ceremony singer and songwriter who also doubles working as a Satpam ( night guard) bringing us a unique " Balinese Blues " which gently shimmers over Gus and Cozi's modern music production .

Compiler Supercozi produced 3 solo tracks for the compi . feature her signature electronic hybrid of jazz , trip-hop  and layered synth sounds .. also mixed up with MC Reason's raga influenced vocals, sitars and acoustic guitars.

Maestro Gus Till also delivers 2 of his signature chill out tracks - Chunky psy-funk grooves and gamelan flavored ambient layered with Asamoto's floating sax impressions.

New unit Paam9 adds 2 fine  lounge-style grooves featuring local jazz queen Marlyn, There's also a full-on asian vibe on several tracks with sitar, gamelan, indonesian flutes and more .

Exotic atmospheres stretch to the other side of the globe with the Zen Lemonade's track 9-  celtic-vibe drenched 'Tree Of Souls' featuring the psychedelic diva Michele Adamson .

The album maintains it's seamless flow throughout  and sports a luxurious cover featuring special printing technics such as polly / silver layer and UV spot and also includes a gorgeous 12 page booklet with plenty of beautiful Bali pictures!

 " Dari Bali 2 ~ Chillpresso ~ " will be in stores world wide in early July !!!

1. Dream of Satpam / Zen Lemonade feat.Gusti Santika
2. Sky Passage / Paam9
3. Sang The Palm ( Wave Mix ) / Supercozi feat.Reason
4 . Birds Are Dancing / Zen Lemonade
5. Karma Voyage / Supercozi feat. Lex Empress
6. Bluelines / Gus Till
7. Don't Let Your Love be Wallpaper / Paam 9
8. Wine & Sofa / Supercozi
9. Tree Of Souls / Zen Lemonade feat. Michele Adamson
10. Zoomacca ( Lemongrass Mix ) / Supercozi
11. Light Rain / Gus Till feat. Chika Asamoto

Final Mix & mastered by Tim Valkenburg @ Vault / Bali

Distribute by :

Arabesque ( World ) / you can order at  http://tinyurl.com/2wk4ec4     www.arabesquedistribution.com  + 44 (0) 20 -8992-7732
Wakyo ( Japan only )  / www.wakyo.jp    +81- (0) 422-49-9008

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HaitiHaiti was struck by a devastating earthquake on 12th January 2010 which killed over 230,000 people and has left many more displaced who are currently living in tented shanty towns. Haiti is not only the poorest island in the Caribbean but quite possibly the poorest in the western hemisphere. A lot of people were moved by the recent events in Haiti and have made contributions towards to the making 3 CD benefit compilation .

Zen Lemonade and System 7 once again had collaborate together for this . Passing the data back and forth between their studio in Bali- London for a track called " Dream Me A River " . Deep & twisted , yet heavy dubbed grooves and multi layered soundscapes will warp your mind into the somewhere deep dream like jungle's womb . Track start from a mysterious voice " Where are we, captain ? Our compass seems doesn't work here .." ( by man-cyborged Cozi ) , and tripped out female voice and strings are wizardly dubbed by Gus , then the deep mood is amplified by Steve Hillage's predicting guitar and Miquette's impressionist like synth scape .

UK based Organic Records pulled together an array of groundbreaking music which features other artists such as Extrawelt, Alan Parsons Project (feat. Shpongle and David Gilmour), Eat Static, 1 Giant Leap, James Harcourt, Younger Brother, Perfect Stranger, Minilogue, Gaudi & Greg Hunter, Dnox & Beckers, Fiord, Sensient, Spektre, Burn In Noise, Entheogenic, Saiko Pod , etc…

If you want contribute yourself by buying this CD , please visit their site : http://www.haitiappealproject.co.uk/music.html


Kuala Lumper based Amazon Agency presented annual event " Queens Of Hearts " as third time on the International Woman's day to raise the awareness and support for the victims of domestic violence in Malaysia .

Cozi was head lined with her DJane friend Stella Nutella and they had spin back to back at the booth in Zouk , most popular club in Kuala Lumper for excited crowd , delivered the cutting edge grooves from minimal techno , dirty electro to the up lifting trance . The night also featured 4 rising female DJs from Malaysia . It was truly the gathering of the cat power…

Next night Cozi blasted other night at the brand new cool spot Elixir for the packed crowd with her hypnotic , powerful deep techno beats . Thank You Kuala Lumpur !! 


February had been extremely busy month for Cozi as she is now preparing 2 titles that will be released from her own Hypo=espresso Records this year .

First one would be " Dari Bali 2 ~ Chillpresso ~ " . Following the big success of the " Chillpresso 1 ~ Dari Bali ~ " ( 2007 released ) , this will be the second release of now popular " Chillpresso " series . This time the compilation will feature 11 brand new chill out tracks from Hypo producers , featuring many guest vocals such as Bali's very own Gusty Santika and Marlyn , Dutch House diva Lex Empress ( May you recognize her from Chillpresso 1 opening track " Waltz On The Dusk Sand " .. That's her ! ) , Trance diva Michele Adamson (UK) , new comer MC Reason whom hailed from San Francisco . Also Bali based Japanese Jazz saxophonist Chika Asamoto is collaborating with Gus Till , So does many local musicians as well . Album maintain the seamless flow and chic grooves and exotic atmosphere whole through , also this time CD cover will be luxury as ever , featuring many special printing technics such as polly silver layer , etc . Even more excitingly , CD will include gorgeous 12 page booklet with plenty of beautiful Bali pictures as well !! What can we say … This will be the one you must get a CD , not only digital down load !!! " Dari Bali 2 ~ Chillpresso ~ " will be in store around mid June .

2010 second release from hypo will be a long awaited Supercozi second full album .. Finally ! Album will be total unique and powerful mash up of Techno , Electro , Dub steps and down tempo with Ragga influence , and Exotic ambient chill out with Cozi's ever twisted spice .. Also new album featuring few of her favorite guest vocalists from all over the world such as MC Reason ( USA ), Michele Adamson (UK ) , Lex Empress ( NL ) , etc … Also including Remixes from well known Techno - Dub producers .


Cozi had been busy since last summer for directing and producing few chic brand CDs for luxury hotels from all around the world . " Uluwatu Experience " for BVLGARI Hotels & Resort BALI, " Hukama " for THE ADDRESS DOWNTOWN BURJ DUBAI , and " Vibe 1 " for EAST HONG KONG , and more .

All music are licensed or newly composed from / by Hypo=espresso Records producer crew and sounds are beautifully crafted while crossing many genres - From exotic asian chill out to crispy , chic jazzy house grooves , abstract and cinematic ambient . Unfortunately those CDs are only available for hotel guests or for exclusive gift use , so it's hard to find in the usual CD shop .. So if you have chance to visit those places, please try to hunt them !!


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