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From the end of March to mid April , Cozi had completed Japan Tour . She played at 3 events including a charity event for Japan Tsunami victims " Numanoid a.k.a Tsuyosi Suzuki Presents Madskippers @ Club Asia Shibuya " on 1th .

Also @ Studio Cube on 2th , and famous Nagisa Music Festival on 10th . At Nagisa Music festival , She was closing the " Space stage " after Ree.k with her signature freestyle chill out set to help heated crowd for safe landing .


To express the unity and the support for the people in Tsunami devastated north Japan , Wakyo Records ( Japan ) released a charity compilation " Come Alive " .

Starter and Compiler is Kotaro , long time veteran in Tokyo's techno & party scene , also a founder of techno.to . Many Japanese producers including SUGIZO ( guitarist of Juno Reactor ), Masa , Kay Nakayama , and the western producers such as Rennie Foster who has strong bond with Japanese scene dedicated their songs .

A set of 3 compilation album is now available . Please check Kotaro's message and comps' sound at : http://techno.to/pickup.php?id=16&lang=eg ( Digital down load only ) All proceed from the album will be donated to Love For Nippon

08 Mar 11

Kuala Lumpur

Another fun night at The Rootz Club on 18th . Thanks for packed heated crowd !!


FlutterLong time respected Flow Records (Portugal) just launched new chill out compilation " Flutter ".

Compiled by Croatia based Dovla (www.dovla.info) whom also known as canadian label Interchill's label DJ .

This refreshing album is including Supercozi's new track " August Human " - A chunky , Nu-jazz grooves with tricky beat and soulful vocal by featuring Italian singer Pheel (http://www.myspace.com/pheelballiana ).

CD is available on Psyshop now and digital down load will available from January 2011 .

More info : http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/flr/flr1cd026.html


Hypo=espresso proudly delivers its second full album from Supercozi !! A mashed up juicy blend of techno ,electro house and dub  - deep rich soundscapes with full fat bass, spaced out synth layers and plenty of psychedelic twists. This time featuring special guest vocalists  - San Fran based MC Reason and  trance diva Michele Adamson, Reason adding roots flavor with his raga influenced vocals on track 5 & 8 and Michelle in voodoo jazz mode on track 7 under her chill out avatar: Minima Sheen .

Another collaboration with Supercozi's inspiration of many years,  Miquette Giraudy (System7), creates a deep, spacy techno tune " Trigger Happy Morons " .

As always, she once again freely crosses genres without getting too messy . The album maintains a core spine of deep grooves and strong melodies with a  truly alternative spirit throughout .

On top of 9 original tracks, the album also features 3 Remixes: Tokyo based Canadian producer Rennie Foster transforms " A Ride " into a crazy jet coaster electro ride . Long time veteran / techno maestro Ian Ion ( Saiko-Pod / Kox Box ) pumps the album to the next level with " Fruits From The Future " - a mega fat progressive sound . New Zealand based dub unit Pitch Black's Micheal Hodgson selected " Do You know Where Your Going " for his remix and result is a mysterious , deep drone ambient tune that signs off the album . All 8 tracks are produced at her studio " Super Cocoon " in Bali , with final mix by Gus Till and mastering by Ian Ion .

" Fruits From The Future "- an album that embodies the crispy essence of all kinds of electronica in 2010 with strong and unforgettable songs .

Also 6panel digipack cover that fearing silver polly and UV spot printing techniques + 8 page booklet is worth enough to get physical CD !!!

" Fruits From The Future " will be in stores world wide in mid August .

World distribution by Arabesque Distribution http://www.arabesque.co.uk   tel : +41-(0)20-8992-7732
Album catalogue at http://tinyurl.com/2vofwln  

You can buy Album at Techno.to   http://www.techno.to/item.php?id=HECD005&lang=eg

" Fruits From The Future " / SUPERCOZI

01 : Snakeshed
02: A Ride
03 : Trigger Happy Morons feat. Miquette Giraudy
04: Fruits From The Future
05: Do You Know Where Your Going feat. Reason
06: Bad Butterfly
07: Aksara feat. Minima Sheen
08: Under The Blaze Sun feat. Reason
09: A Ride ( Rennie Foster's Dirty Works Remix)
10: Fruits From The Future ( Ian Ion Remix )
11: Do You Know Where Your Going - Borrowed Time ( Misled Convoy Remix )

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