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After the 1 year long track hunt, Finally a chill out compilation " Mutantribe ~ Compiled by Supercozi " will be released in mid march from Iboga Records ( Denmark ).

12 unreleased gems from new & established producers such as Tripswitch ( UK ), Blue Planet Corporation ( France ), Hibernation ( UK ), Gaudi ( UK ), Kilowatts ( U.S.A ), Gus Till ( Bali ), Zen Lemonade ( Bali ), Supercozi ( Bali ), Eastern Rebel Alliance ( NZ ), Digitals ( UK ), Dual Barrel ( Croatia ), Mindex ( Russia ) .. It's a full of GlitchyDubbyPsyChilly yummy Hybrid sound .. stay tuned!

For more info : https://www.facebook.com/ibogarecords


Supercozi is now on Bandcamp ! If you buy album / track here, you can support her label directly as almost all proceed going to her label without through many third parties. Buy track and support your favorite artist directly. Her future single / EP will be available here in the future too.


Supercozi on Bandcamp : http://supercozi.bandcamp.com/


New year message from Cozi :

Let me say to you all " Wishing your 2013 will be filled with love and light, new adventure and excitements".

Hey, we all survived controversial 2012 so it will be only gets better !!

Remember, your thoughts will create your own reality, so let's use our personal force in the best way and create positive future xxx Peace, love and bass xxx Cozi

Graphic image was taken from : http://psy-amb.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/psychedelic-wallpaper.html


7 nights 8 days camp-in of the cerebration of music, art, lifestyle with 10,000 eclipse chasers & beautiful people from all over the world - Australian Eclipse 2012 was absolutely spectacular! 


Beside of breathtakingly perfect total eclipse of the sun, 6 stunning stages were produced by different organizers from Australia, Japan, U.S.A, Germany, etc and treated us all with diverse selection of producers, live acts, DJs.

Supercozi and Zen Lemonade delivered 2 sets at The Chill Temple Stage and MC. Reason ( U.S.A ) joined on 4 tracks as a guest performer in the end of Supercozi set as well … What a fun .. Thank you for eclipse crew and everybody who were there for made such an epic gathering happen! 


You can see more picture on my Facebook page. Don't forget to click " Like " button !!  http://www.facebook.com/supercozi

Photo credit ( 3 & 4 ) by Kataro Manabe


What a interesting night … I met so many young cool hipsters of new Cambodia including night's host Princess Soma - USA raised Royal, a journalist, blogger, columnist , and Young producer Peanuts who is also a second generation of Cambodian Refugees who grew up in U.S.A and came back to his home country to work and encourage with young people to express themselves through music and dance and art.

Party was filled with local crowd of new Cambodia …  Big thank you for everyone !

You can see more picture on my Facebook page. Don't forget to click " Like " button !!  http://www.facebook.com/supercozi


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