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Cozi spoken about the interesting process to craft a psy-chill compilation ' Mutantribe ' ( Released in this April from Iboga Records / Denmark ) on PSYBIENT.ORG. Check out !!!




Typhoon hit Festival is a part of legend now .. It was pure pressure to dip myself with 90's Goa sound with 350 passionate crew and crowd … And I massively enjoyed Zen Lemonade gig at after party in Tokyo too. Thank you !!!


You can listen to Supercozi's 3 hours psychedelic chill out DJ set at this Festival  here :


First 1.5 Hour : http://www.mixcloud.com/Supercozi/supercozi-mandalavision-festival-dj-mix-1/


Last 1.5 Hour : http://www.mixcloud.com/Supercozi/supercozi-mandalavision-festival-dj-set-2/



Mandala Vision is a collective entity of young Japanese promotors who share an absolute love and passion for original Goa Trance from mid-late 90's. Supercozi will deliver 3 hours Psychedelic Free Style set in their special event ' Mandala Vision Festival ~ The Second Summer Of Goa ' at Autocamp Ginga ( Nishi-Izu ) on 14th-16th September.

There will be pure Psychedelic bliss moments by the legends such as The Green Nuns of the Revolution, Slinky Wizard, Tsuyoshi, Masa, Artman. Also lots of youngsters from Japanese scene will drop their best selection from early Goa sounds they love from the bottom of their heart.


Also there will be an after party on 23th September at Sasazuka Bowl Tokyo. It will be Zen Lemonade's new dance EP release party, so don't miss out !

More info : http://mandalavisiongoa.wix.com/mandalavision


After almost a year long hunt for the perfect tracks, finally a down tempo electronica compilation " Mutantribe " that compiled by Supercozi was released from IBOGA RECORDS ( Denmark ) on 30th April ( Digital only ).

It's a collection of high-end hybrid tracks ranging in different eclectic genres as glitch, dub, psychill & bassmusic from scene's well known veterans and new comers such as Tripswitch (UK), Hibernation (UK), Gus Till(Bali) , Gaudi (UK), Kilowatts (US), Zen Lemonade (Bali), Blue Planet Corporation (FR), Supercozi (JP), Digitalis (UK), Eastern Rebel Alliance (NZ), Dual Barrel(HR), Mindex (RUS).

Its a compilation but also crafted as a concept album to represents the most current samples from ever evolving psychedelic down tempo electronic music scene where Supercozi has been playing as a DJ since 1997. So she strongly recommend you to experience it as a whole from the start to the end. For those who keen to experience the seamless version of the album, her Mix is also available.

You can buy at many download sites such as :

Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/mutant-tribe-compiled-by-supercozi/1079198

iTunes Store : https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/mutant-tribe-compiled-by-supercozi/id638552847


Release info & reviews :

Mutantribe mixed and compiled by Japanese Supercozi is a collection of high-end hybrid tracks ranging in different eclectic genres as glitch, dub, psychill & bassmusic. 
Cozi Till is based on Bali with her family, and from there she has used a quality number of time to collect this masterpiece, inspired with her many travels as a dj. A gathering of artist from all around the globe, forming an alternative Chill out compilation for the modern listener with and exceptional twist. 
Iboga Records is very proud to have this strong compilation as a part of the catalogue. ~ IBOGA RECORDS ( https://www.facebook.com/ibogarecords )

Loving Supercozi's new compilation Mutantribe - great collection of tunes with some gems ~ Interchill Records

The new Mutant Tribe album on Iboga Records compiled by Cozi is a great compilation faithfully representing the sounds of us mutants in our global tribe. ~ DJ Jamin




Out now !! Supercozi delivers her first chill out digital single for 2013 'D.I.V.E' .

Title track 'D.I.V.E' is leftfield smoky down-tempo with a hint of Dubstep and Glitch-Hop. She produced this track under the deep influence of the images and experience of the Total Eclipse of the Sun, while attending the Eclipse Festival 2012 in Australia. Featured vocalist is MC Reason ( a.k.a Andreas One/ U.S.A ), a collaborator with her on 2 tracks from her last album 'Fruits From the Future', adding raga roots flavor to the track.

You can watch a video clip of 'D.I.V.E' ( Shorten version ) featuring many images she's taken at various festivals around the world.

Coupling track 'Prometheus' is glitchy broken beats with ambient synth-layers and a lyrical and psychedelic texture, featuring her vocoder vocals. She produced the tune after she was Inspired by the same title science fiction film by Ridley Scott.

EP is available on Bandcamp for 3USD ( 1.5 USD per track), also on various down load site such as Beatport, iTunes store etc.

Bandcamp : http://supercozi.bandcamp.com/album/d-i-v-e

Beatport : http://www.beatport.com/release/d-i-v-e/1066551

iTunes Store : https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/d.i.v.e-single/id625083149

Techno.to : http://techno.to/item.php?id=D-HEEP01

Juno Download : http://www.junodownload.com/products/supercozi-dive/2182496-02/



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