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Finally ... Pre-sales of Supercozi new album ' Bioshifter ' is on Bandcamp today ! Harvest from her 5 years hard work .. Thanks for everyone who became a part of it !!!! It's digital release only and by purchasing at Bandcamp, you can directly support her label, Hypo=espresso Records. Album will be available on iTunes Store, Beatport, Juno on next Friday / May 1st as well.

Listen & Buy album NOW on Bandcamp : https://supercozi.bandcamp.com/album/bioshifterSupercozi - Bioshifter'

Bioshifter ' is 3rd album by Japanese producer Supercozi. Harvested from 5 years of hard work and never- ending experimentation in her tiny studio in Bali, and infused with the spirit of the mystical island with it's strong Hindu / Animism culture.

As some may know, She is half of Zen Lemonade - her unit with Gus Till which focuses on the psychedelic aspects of electronic music. In contrast, she had been exploring much more eclectic, genre-bending style under her solo belt. Since her 2005 debut album ' Luxury Addict ', She fearlessly blends the elements of Techno, House, Dub, Glitch hop through Bass Music and Balearic chill together while absolutely refusing to be categorized in the narrow box of typical genres. And this new album features a huge stylistic leap.

Album opener is a lyrical Techno tune : ' Melt ' which layers of bells and delicate synth sounds gently building the emotional tension. In contrast the title track ' Bioshifter ' and ' Dennis Hopper ' are Glitchy Electronica with strong melody lines. Two cosmic chill tunes ' Nebula To Nebula' ( featuring Herbie Hancock style e-piano by Bulgarian producer Martin Denev ) and ' Feels Like Yesterday ' represents the feminine side of the album. For those who loves psychedelic down tempo groovers : ' Owl In Me ' and ' D.I.V.E ' are well crafted fusion of Bass Music and dub-tronica. Then of course ' four-on-the -floor' Tech-house tunes polish it off : ' Bad Ass Paradise ' and ' Born Lickers ' .. From Dance to Chill all in one serve.

4 of the 9 tracks feature guest vocals : Sophie Barker from Zero7 ( Feels Like Yesterday ), Dutch singer/ DJ Puck ( Bioshifter, Dennis Hopper ), and MC Reason ( D.I.V.E ) who collaborating with her since second album. By having their voices, strong melody lines are beautifully emerging from the triply soundscapes.

The Album title ' Bioshifter ' is a neologism by her, meaning biological mutation or accreted evolutionary process. Since the album is dropped exactly 10 years later from the first album, it perfectly describes her strong desire for the transformation as an artist, and this album pins her down as one of the electronic producers from Japan in the global music scene.

All songs written & produced by Supercozi
Final Mix by Gus Till
Mastering by Gregg Hermetech
Cover : photo by Agus Pande
Costume & Styling by Katarina Radovic
Horn by Sophie Akkineni
Released by Hypo=espresso Records & Wakyo Japan


After the highly charted Zen Lemonade Addiction EP from Flow Records ( Portugal ), Their new Psy-Trance department Hyperflow now deliver two new remixes , by the hand from two milestones on the psychedelic trance scene – BUS (aka Gus Till) brings us a mental, fat, night time stomper, while on the other hand, ManMadeMan delivers a groovy, deep, melodic version. Two completely different visions from the same original tune, that will surely keep you addicted!!!

Buy on Beatport : https://pro.beatport.com/release/addiction-rmx-s/1485190




BIG valentine present for you. I produced / compiled a nice ambient / chill out compilation for Bali based Fashion & Art & Life style brand & Art Space ' BIASA ' ( Founded by Italian designer Susanna Perini in 1994. They are also running an Indonesian contemporary art gallery and monthly organic market which I love ), and you can listen & FREE DOWN LOAD them on Soundcloud. Wow ... ☆ One of my tune featured Bali-based Saxophonist Chika Asamoto, and 1 other is a collaboration with Hideyo Blackmoon. They are perfect for lazy weekend .. Check out & grab it & ENJOY !!

Click here : http://soundcloud.com/biasa

Ps .. BIG THANKS for Gregg Hemertech for fantastic mastering !!





Had been busy in the studio over Christmas and New year, through out January and my new album is nearly done. This my third album will be a nice mix of slow Techno, Experimental Electronica, Bass Music, eclectic chill .. Featuring few guest musicians including Sophie Barker from Zero7, and Dutch DJ / Vocalist Puck ( picture bellow ), Bulgarian producer Martin Denev and Mc Reason. Album will be released around April-May. Can't wait to deliver it to you ...




19 Oct 14


 I produced a day & night Chill Out event ' Chillosophere ' on 19th Oct and was big success! Chillosophere mean ' Chill ' + ' Philosophy ' + " Atmosphere ', it was indeed a dream gathering of creative souls. Featuring DJs were my long time hero Mixmaster Morris ( Ninja tune, Big Chill / UK ) whom delivered 2 fantastic sets, also Osman Gayatree ( Russia ), Mayuri ( JP ) , Stevie G ( U.S.A ) and myself. Thank you for everyone who came and lights our spirits up !!





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